Tech Services

  • General Marker Repair/Service
  • Upgrades & Modifications
  • Technical Phone Support
  • Warranty Services

Tech services are completed in shop on a first come first serve basis. Same day service cannot be guaranteed.

Shop Rates

  • Labor $25/hour + gst
  • Minimum 1 hour
  • Parts not Included


Product purchased at Xcalibre Paintball d/o Hymark Investments Ltd is subject to warranty provided by the manufacturer upon proof of purchase. Warranty repairs will be completed in shop on a first come first serve basis. Warranty is void for Products subjected to "abnormal use". "Abnormal use" includes but is not limited to misuse, accident, modification, unreasonable use, abuse, neglect, lack of maintenance, improper installation, or natural disaster.

Consumable Products are warranted, at the time of sale, only against defects in workmanship or materials that prevent their use. Consumable products are goods reasonably expected to be used up or damaged during use, including but not limited to batteries, Allen keys, squeegees, swabs, barrel plugs, and barrel sleeves.

All warranty only extends to the original Customer and cannot be transferred or assigned.

To obtain warranty service, please call Xcalibre Paintball at 1-780-576-2211 or write to By repairing or replacing a Product, Xcalibre Paintball does not waive a claim that a Product nevertheless has been subject to abnormal use.


Long Lake Provincial Park & Hwy #831, Alberta. Approximately 1hr north of Edmonton and right off Secondary Highway #831 on the way to Fort McMurray....very easy to find!


Call 780-576-2211 or write to speak with one of our authorized technicians.