About Us

If you are new to paintball or an experienced player, there is no other place to have extreme fun like at XCalibre Paintball. We offer a large variety of courses, rentals and gear for sale. Our field is constantly growing with huge expansions and new fields opening every year. Our rental packages suit people of all ages and experience levels. We have very competitive pricing and stock a variety of different brands of equipment and gear for sale from manufacturers worldwide. Our experienced staff will provide you with top quality service and help make your visit at our park the most fun and exciting paintball experience ever!


Long Lake Provincial Park & Hwy #831, Alberta. Minutes from Campgrounds, Fishing, Hiking, Boat/Ski Rentals, Golf Course & Ski Hill. Approximately 1hr north of Edmonton and right off Secondary Highway #831 on the way to Fort McMurray ... very easy to find! [View Map] Using your GPS? Type SE 9-63-19-W4 into your GPS for guided directions to our park.

What is Paintball?

Paintball is the world's fastest growing extreme sport. A variety of different games can be played on different themed courses. Paintballs are non-toxic gelatin capsules filled with washable color fluid. They are "shot" through a marker using high pressure air or Co2. The paintball splits when it contacts a player leaving a "paint" mark to identify a "hit". Safety equipment, including Masks and Coveralls are provided to protect players when playing.

Who can play paintball?

Paintball is played by people of all ages, gender, size and strength.


Outdoor Field on 60+ acres with Woodsball & Speedball courses available. Currently have 10 different themed courses and are continually expanding every season! Awesome courses with very unique features. Some include: World's Largest Paintball Fort, "Trenches" with 2 - 20' tall sniper towers, bridges and lots of trenches, "The Town" with 2 storey Church and Clock Tower plus 40 buildings, 2 Regulation sized speedball fields and much much more! Cleaning stations, Washrooms, and "Safe Zones", for public viewing, are at EVERY course! Host of different Events including Xcalibre Speedball Tournaments, Scenerio Games, and More where you are sure to have fun, learn about the sport and meet new players with the chance win cash and prizes!


Over 200 rentals available at our one of a kind "Underground Pro Shop! Choose from 1 of 4 rental packages ranging from a basic marker to a high end tournament marker plus everything you need to play!!! Or you can bring your own gear. Unlimited HPA and Unlimited Field Time for everyone! For more details, please contact the office or check out our Rates online! Play alot of paintball? Ask about our Memberships!


Our "Underground Pro Shop" is packed with the newest gear & equipment for sale! We are an authorized dealer with ALL major manufacturers and carry a large selection of different paintball products and brands from around the world. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always available to help you with all your paintball needs! You may also check out our online store!

Picnic Area

No shooting is allowed in this area. We have picnic tables and a full concession with an assortment of food and beverages available. To pre-order discounted group meals, please contact our office.

What happens when you come to play?

Upon arrival, your group will enter the park entrance and walk down to the "picnic area" to the "Underground Pro Shop". Each person who plays must register by signing our waiver/release agreement or have one presigned. Everyone will then line up and pay for his/her package. As each player pays, the gear is distributed in the order it was received. Once everyone is ready to go, the group is assigned a referee; the Ref is to make sure people follow the rules, assist in maintenance/repair of equipment, and provide game ideas/rules to ensure the most safety and fun! Your Ref will go through the rules, answer any questions anyone might have and then take you to the "Target Zone" where anyone who would like to practice can. We also use this area to "chrono/radar" people with their own equipment. Then, once everyone is comfortable with the equipment... the games begin!